Ways to improve your work environment.


Do you keep your eyes on the clock ticking and waiting for it to finally struck the time to leave your workplace?

If it’s a YES;  your workplace is surely not serving you right. By this, I don’t mean they are treating you wrong, but it’s about the overall environment that drives your mood to work with a passion. If the environment in which you work is tedious with unfriendly team mates, the level of motivation drops unintentionally and thus hinders productivity.

But there are ways this environment can turn into a happy to go workplace with high end performance goals that are achieved with great zeal.

Hire team mates not just employees:

Because people make places great!

Businesses with the lowest turnover rates knows that great environment at workplaces is driven by the people first and then any other factor. So start hiring the right people. Toxic people at work makes the environment strained and demotivational.  Therefore, let the poisonous employees go and hire the ones with a positive attitude because a toxic work environment is not only felt by the employees but affects the relations with customers as well.

Tame the communication process

While, in situations you have to improve with the existing employees and setup, try with refining the communication process among the employees first. The way employees interact with each other matters a lot. One of the most important things among the values that makes an office environment what calls for more productivity is a smooth and effective communication process.

Employees tend to work more devotedly if they are given appreciation and a positive response to all situations.  Healthy communication is the basis of any successful business. The stronger the communication, the better outcomes can be seen for projects.

And good communication comes from trust once there is trust the employees are likely to address any issues and solve them with you. And it is equally important for you to address the concerns by listening carefully which shows how interested an employer(styrelsen for fastholdelse og rekruttering) is in the problems of his/her employees.

Few of the best ways of pushing an effective communication includes:

  • Complimenting in a considerate manner
  • Giving feedback to all good and bad situations
  • Encourage transparency.
  • Make employees feel like they are your brand ambassadors
  • Reward them for good performance as a team

Make time to relax; but with co-workers!

Another great way of improving work environment is planning some fun activities with co-workers. Encourage employees have a spare hour for their hobbies at work. It is a great way to relieve stress and provides the team with a chance to improve bonding.

One of the very basic pillars of a collaborative culture at workplace is socializing with peers. Socializing helps you communicate better and work better as a result. Having friends at work encourage teamwork and results in less sick days.

Also having a chat around recreational area that surrounds the projects often gives a new perspective to look at things and fosters innovation.

Going out together with other employees is a great way of having some fun and making strong relationships apart from work that furthers the process of collaboration while at work. For example, plan out for lunches and dinners often with team mates where you don’t talk business but learn about each other’s lives and preferences or even planning out of adventurous trips with co-workers acts as an ice-breaker and enhance productivity.

Celebrate small wins!  

One of the biggest way-paver for productivity is happiness. Happiness at workplace influences people in a way that they naturally get motivated to set another benchmark.

Celebrations not necessarily means achievement of lofty goals. Simply making a progressive step calls for a celebration. Progress can also be as ordinary as providing quality service to a client, having a great review from customers etc.

And even celebration itself doesn’t have to be big, it can simply mean having a small get to gather after work or go out for a dinner.

If you want your workplace to be a wonderful one with happiness all around you need to take the initiative of spreading some! Once the people are happy and work as a team your workplace will get better on its own.



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