The Ultimate Productive Home Office Setup Guide


Many people think working from home is heaven, but is it as amazing and easy as everyone thinks? Just count all the distractions you have at home: your family, the TV and the gaming console, your cozy bed, the fridge, and many more. So, if you want to be productive, you need a good home office with an appropriate setup that will allow you to stay focused on your task while being comfortable and happy. Here’s how to do it.

Colour does matter!

Most people think that home office paint is just a matter of preference and aesthetics, but the truth is a bit more serious. In fact, colours have a huge influence on the human mind and they can affect our happiness levels, concentration, motivation and the general mood, so be careful which palette you choose! Red usually has the best ability to stimulate people, but it also awakens aggression, which is not an ideal office mood. However, yellow might have all the positive sides of red, without any negative side effects. So, if you can, put in a few yellow elements into your work space.

Get ergonomic furniture

Definitely, the most important elements of every office are a good chair and a good desk. After all, this is where you’ll be spending most of your office time, so don’t hesitate to splurge. A high-quality chair with a good back support will do you wonders. If you still decide to go cheap, you can soon expect several health issues, the most common ones being neck and back pain, bad circulation, decreased lung efficiency, and impaired concentration. However, if you combine your chair with a good height adjustable desk, you’ll have a great setup that will not ruin your health, nor will it disrupt your workflow.

Set up some good lighting

Different jobs require different levels of lighting, but no matter if you’re an architect or a programmer, you will certainly benefit from good and, most of all, layered lighting. Putting up a simple overhead fixture isn’t enough to provide you with good task lighting, so make sure to welcome a desk lamp or sconces into the picture as well. When it comes to the installation of these fixtures, it’s best to look up to Australian workers who don’t hesitate to contact professionals. This is a much safer and practical option, because an experienced Sydney electrician always does a quick, safe and professionally conducted installation that will not create problems for you in the future. Losing your mind over a DIY installation or having to work in the dark after you messed things up will certainly ruin your focus and productivity.

Invest in dual monitors

You might think it’s a waste of money, but two monitors are indeed better than one. Just imagine how easier and faster it is to compare documents, do spreadsheets, or manage your business’s social media accounts! You might find it hard to use them at first, but once you get the hang of it and find the best way to utilize them to fit your needs, you’ll never go back!

Get a personal assistant

No, not the real, but a virtual one! If you like gadgets and feel comfortable around technology, you might greatly benefit from a smart home device. Gadgets like Google Home and Amazon Echo are super practical for making appointments, taking notes, setting up reminders and alarms, and answering tons of questions you might receive during your work hours.

Stay cool

There’s a ridiculous number of people who simply forget to add air conditioning into their home office! Working in a sauna will pose a huge distraction and ruin your productivity and focus. Plus, small, portable air conditioners take up very little space, and cost just a little over $100, so there are no excuses!

Designing a good workspace isn’t easy, but if you follow these tips, you’ll soon notice your productivity, concentration and general work satisfaction will increase. A well-designed home office is really worth all the hustle and bustle of making it perfect for your personal preferences and business needs.




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