Super Smart Ways to Save Money in College


Wondering why in spite of grants, student loans or scholarship you still find it difficult to manage your college expenses. Are you getting tensed thinking about your future savings as well? If yes then please stop worrying any more. There are plenty of scopes to manage your finances well in the student life. Keep your eyes open to all those opportunities. Learn to Use few super smart ways to save money in your super expensive college days.

  1. Stop buying text books from campus bookstore. They are mostly overpriced. Find some willing seniors who would like give away their books that they don’t need anymore. These books come within minimal cost or sometimes even free. You can take your professor’s help in this regard or you can search through your social networking site and university bulletin board. You can get lucky with e-bay as well.
  2. Food is pretty expensive in college days. Don’t fall in the trap of university meal plan. Students should try to collect coupons and follow sales at grocery stores. Buying in bulk is always useful in this regard. Shop around to find the best at the cheapest rate. Check whether your shopping list includes things for everyday meals like ramen noodles, yogurt, peanut butter, or oatmeal. While eating out share the bills with your fellow students and friends if possible.
  3. Transportation cost can be saved to some extent if you apply for student discount while traveling through bus, train or airline. Use the cheapest gasoline for your vehicle. Make sure your tires and the engine are in the best possible condition while traveling. During long trip use carpool and split the cost.
  4. Dorms can be too expensive and small in size. Share a rented room if required. It complete depends on the situation since in few cases campus dorms can also be cheaper in comparison to rented flats in share
  5. Reduce your Utility bills. Turn off your computer, lights on time. Curtail you phone bills, internet bills and buy necessary software or hardware at a rebated price.
  6. Look for student discount at amusement parks. Borrow the books and movies form library and save the excess money that you might waste in daily amusement.

You never know how much you can save in these small expenses. Using theses simple ways you can surely put some extra bucks in your wallet this time.

How to Save Money in College


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