Simple Ways to Smoothly Relocate Your Business


In the words of Sharon K. Ward, a consultant on economic development in Allentown, professionals decide to relocate their business for one (or more) of the following 5 reasons: issues with workforce and labor, wish to reach new markets, need to upgrade equipment or facilities, to increase cash flow or lower certain costs, and to improve the overall quality of office life.

However, though it might be for good reasons, relocation can cost you time and money, and even employees and customers if not conducted properly. For the moving process to fly by smoothly and without any greater inconveniences, check out the tips we’ve listed below:

Get insurance

Though it may not necessarily be the first step in a moving process, it is definitely one of the most important ones. If you decide to rent a truck, choose the insurance coverage and protect yourself from any costs that might come as a result of damaged equipment. Those who decide to hire a moving company should ask about insurance coverage, as well as proof of workers’ compensation insurance. This way you don’t run the risk of being partially liable for injuries which occurred during the relocation process.

Hire a professional pair of hands

Start the hunt for the reliable moving company at least two months in advance, and don’t settle for the first one that comes your way. Make sure you get several quotes and proof of insurance prior to signing any contracts.

If hiring a full team of movers is not within your budget, at least consider a move manager who will coordinate furniture delivery, IT installations, etc. They will take care of the small details like scheduling the relocation (as certain buildings don’t allow moves during the business hours), they’ll hire professionals like Pinkjunk Rubbish Removal to rid of some of the old equipment and office supplies you won’t need on your new location, and will handle a multitude of other little things that would never cross your mind.

Carefully move expensive equipment

Do you think it is going to be simple – just packing up those few printers and laptops in their boxes and off they go on a truck? Not a chance. In this day and age, regardless of the industry you operate in, you are bound to have some kind of sensitive electronics among your office equipment. To pack them up safely and ensure secure transfer, follow any specific instructions for moving printers, copiers or fax machines, and tape down their covers and lids (if any). Improper moving might cause damages to your electronic devices and void the warranty.

When it comes to computers and monitors, you are advised to wrap them individually in a bubble wrap and tape them, but be careful that the tape does not come in contact with the monitor itself. Under no circumstances should you simply place them in boxes or stack them one on top of the other. Still, if you have the time to save all the important data on hard drive – do it – there is never a 100% guarantee when it comes to relocation, and losing certain data might cost you more than just that cash you have to set aside for a new computer.

Mark all of the boxes

Especially when people wish to hasten the relocation process, they tend to just pack up items in the nearest box, tape it on all sides and rush to the truck so that they get all necessary equipment to a new location as quickly as possible. What happens more often than not is that you end up with dozens of boxes on your new location, clueless where you packed what – as a result, you actually prolong the entire process. Always remember to mark the boxes and include a brief description of what is inside. Not only will you unpack faster, but in case some of them get lost, you will be able to make a claim and retrieve them more easily.

Final words

While moving comes with many risks, if done strategically it can be one of the most beneficial things for the growth of your business. Expanding or moving to a new location will solve certain issues you had with the current place of business, and is likely going to result in a great return on investment.

Still, there are no guarantees, especially if the move is rushed, so set aside the time to plan most of the details and get prepared for the “unexpected”.



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