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The fact that mainstream commercials and other typical means of promotion cost a lot of money doesn’t mean that they are inherently a bad business idea. In fact, a well-established company can hugely benefit from getting into these promotional methods. On the other hand, a business that’s still in its early stage cannot afford to spend a lot of money – chances are that it’s operating on a shoestring budget as it is. Nonetheless, marketing is an essential part of running a business and, luckily, there are ways for a startup to get its name out there, without making huge investments.

Focus on your clients

Customer satisfaction is the pillar of success and this is your perfect opportunity to shine. Large companies are generally regarded as ‘faceless’, which is exactly why many people are opting for a warmer touch when purchasing a product or a service. It is important that you establish yourself as friendly and welcoming, but professional and competent at the same time. Why? Well, your clients are an excellent promotional tool – if they are satisfied with your business, you won’t have to do anything; they will spread the word about your company for free.

Establish your online presence

TV commercials are expensive as they are popular, but internet marketing is almost always more efficient. Without establishing a proper online presence, a business is almost certainly destined for failure; if you’re not on Google, you don’t even exist. The best part here is that having a website is nowhere near an expensive endeavor. But it doesn’t stop here; setting up a LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and an Instagram account for your company is a fantastic promotional move. Nowadays, you can get your name out there even without opting for paid Facebook commercials. Of course, making sure that the content on each one of the mentioned channels is fresh and of high quality goes without saying. Post regularly since you’re as good as your last post is.

Do not disregard giveaways

The very essence of promotional material is that it’s completely free. So, how can you possibly earn money from giving stuff away to people? It’s simple – it’s all about the long-term results – the more people are exposed to your brand, the more loyal they will become.
Always be on a lookout for discounts. In fact, don’t just wait for an opportunity to appear, go out there and even offer deals to the vendors, that’s what entrepreneurship is all about. Buy a ton of pens and use them for promotional purposes.
Even go a step further and get creative – offer your potential clients out-of-the-ordinary items. For instance, a company called StressBall Planet specializes in promotional stress balls that your prospective customers are absolutely going to love.

Use your networking skills

You probably did quite a bit of research into your potential competition when you were making your business plan. Well, this information still hasn’t outlived its use. Of course, businesses that specialize in your own field will remain your competitors, but now it’s time to branch out and find entrepreneurs that distribute products/services that are easily relatable (although not identical) to your niche. Propose collaboration, this is one of the best free promotional ways that will provide you with many benefits that good networking brings to the table. So, refer your customers to them and ask them to do the same in return. Everybody wins!

Some of these promotional ideas are cheap, while others are completely free, but here’s what’s really interesting: they can all be much more profitable than your typical TV and billboard commercials, but only if you work on them thoroughly. Focus on your customers, your online presence, giveaways and networking whenever you see an opportunity.






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