Polish for Beginners Guide


Our Polish for beginners guide is the perfect start for anybody wanting to know the basics of the Polish language. Having a Polish wife has required knowing the basics of Polish. This guide provides  key words and phases to help get you started. With over 800,000 Polish people now based in the UK, Polish is almost like a 2nd langauge in the UK. With short flights from Luton and Stanstead, exploring Poland is a great way to spend your vacation. My Polish for beginners guide has been put together weekly adding key phrases and additions as I have improved my grasp of the Polish language. Covering different topics and providing links to other useful Resources for Learning Polish, we hope this guide is of use.

Polish For Beginners Guide

polish for beginners guide

Words – Vegetables

Cucumber – Ogórek

Tomato – Pomidor

Pumpkin – Dynia

Garlic – Czosnek

Potato – Ziemniak

Onion – Cebula

Aubergine – Bakłażan

Raw – Surowy

Carrot – Marchew

Beetroot – Burak

Grzyb – Mushroom

Groch – Garden Pea

Bitter – Gorzki

Radish – Rzodkiewka

Papryczka – Chilli

Kapusta – Cabbage

Fasola – Beans

Kabaczek – Marrow

Orzech – Nut




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