Managing Human Resources using SaaS


SaaS (Software as a Service), is being utilised more and more these days to perform a range of tasks. This term may not be immediately recognizable to some. What SaaS is, is on demand software that is provided to companies by Application Service Providers.

This kind of software is becoming rapidly popular with companies and new startups, as it is very lightweight, with all software and data accessed through an interface like a web browser, via the cloud. This saves on space, and also ensures against data loss. Many companies have now started to use SaaS for software such as Office & CAD amongst others.

So, how is this of benefit when it comes to Human Resource (HR) Management? There are many reasons why SaaS is of benefit, some of which are examined below:

Unlimited Storage Potential:

Many new companies like to keep very comprehensive information on their people. Having this kind of information in hard copy can often lead to packed filing cabinets. This leaves data hard to find when needed, and offices jammed with files. Using a SaaS for your HR needs frees up space in the office, and leaves all that info backed up, and easy to find.

More Efficient Training:

Having staff information held in a centralised location will assist your HR staff to identify training needs for your general staff quicker. It will also allow for the identification of key skill sets for particular staff members, who perhaps would be better suited to different roles within the company.

Training New HR Staff:

Training new staff for HR can be time consuming and costly. Using SaaS HR can enable even the most inexperienced staff to carry out basic HR tasks, to a great degree of accuracy and efficiency. This is achieved through automation of scheduled functions such as data actions and running reports.

Cost Measurement:

Absenteeism can cost businesses a lot of money of the course of a year. SaaS allows for monitoring and analysis of absenteeism levels, trends and patterns, allowing for identification via specific department or even company wide.

Complete System Solution:

SaaS brings together multiple functions together into one package to allow more streamlined operations. So, Office, payroll, messaging and other details are all brought together in the one place on the desktop.

The Implementation of SaaS is very simple, and easy for HR managers to pick up.  Many systems offer a step by step walk through to teach the user how to manage the system, and how to carry out specific tasks within the interface. The systems are often times highly customisable also, so can be configured to suit specific users, based on their preferences.

In the future, many companies will move to this kind of system for a wide range of functions across their business, as it is easy to implement, cost effective, and time saving also. The future is in the cloud, when it comes to security of files and storage of large volumes of data, and SaaS will be at the forefront.



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