How to Win Your Next Promotion!


You’ve gained the respect of your peers, the confidence of your managers and are always the team player offering to help out of a project.  Your dream job has just been posted internally and you’re determined to not only nail the interview but secure the job. While this might all sound too good to be true, if you set yourself up for success by demonstrating your smarts, work ethic and people skills on a daily basis, you can make it happen.

You can’t make huge changes in a short period of time on the value you’ve added to your company. What you can do is take stock of the image you present. Are you polished and professional?  Have your gained extra weight and let your hairstyle go? Maybe you’re just guilty of wearing those worn out, but oh so comfy shoes to the office too often. Whatever the case, bring that same drive you have in the office to stepping up your own image.

No matter your age or size, the number one place to get started in a quality gym. Make a commitment to attend at least three days a week. Whether it’s for a Zumba class, a session with a personal trainer or just some serious cardio, get in the habit of working out. Not only will you begin to look better, you’ll quickly begin to feel healthier and stronger.

Take stock of your hair style and makeup routine. Do you need an updated look?  Try one of the department store make up counters for a free make up consultation. Less is always more for a polished, professional look. Tame your mane.  You can bring your hair style up to date and find a cut that fits your face and lifestyle and is manageable.

Take these steps to polish yourself from the inside out.  The most important thing to wear to an interview is a genuine smile and quiet self-confidence. Coupled with the stellar performance you’ve exhibited to date, you’re sure to nail the interview. Good luck on you professional journey!



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