How to start a career as a personal trainer


For anybody looking for information on how to start a career as a personal trainer, the following article provides an overview of what qualifications you will need and general advice on how to start a career as a personal trainer.

A career as a personal trainer can be a great move for those who are passionate about health and fitness. If you enjoy working out and doing exercise, then having a career as personal trainer could be the right move.

Most personal trainers can also set up as self-employed giving you the perfect opportunity to benefit from being a sole trader and claiming business expenses. For those looking to set up their own start up, becoming a personal trainer could be the perfect job.

What qualifications will I need?

There are 4 main qualifications or certificates that you will need to start your career as a personal trainer

How to start a career as a personal trainer

Level 2 Gym Instructor Qualification

This level 2 gym instructor course is a recognised qualification that is the perfect entry level into the fitness industry. It allows you to work as a gym instructor and can be studied full time or part time. It is equivalent to a GCSE level so is accessible to anybody wanting start a career as a gym instructor or personal trainer.

Level 3 Personal Trainer

This qualification allows you to work for yourself as a personal trainer in the UK or abroad. This course is the next step up from the Level 2 Gym Instructor Qualification and is equivalent to an A level or Btec qualification. For those serious about becoming a qualified personal trainer then the level 3 personal trainer course is a must.

This course is the most recognised personal trainer qualification in the UK and is essential if you looking to start your own business as a personal trainer.

First Aid Certificate

Like most careers, health and safety is the first priority. A first aid certificate is recognised by the HSE and will ensure all personal trainers can perform basic first aid. This will ensure the safety of your clients should they sustain injury during training as well as ensuring that you are legally covered. First Aid certificates can be completed within a day and available at

Personal Trainer Insurance

Insurance ensures that you are covered should a client suffer injury under your supervision. Not having personal trainer insurance would make you liable for any costs related to the sustained injury. Having insurance will ensure that you are covered in the unlikely event a client suffers from an injury and then puts in a claim.

There are other useful skills, accreditations and qualifications that could be useful if you are looking to start a career as a personal trainer. However the four essential requirements all you really need to get started as a personal trainer or gym instructor.


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