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How to Manage Your Startup


There really is no guarantee that your startup will ever reach success; all you can do is learn from the mistakes of others and give it your all. In the beginning, startup management can turn into a real nightmare, which is why we’ve rounded up a list of small business management tips to get you going.

Passion is irreplaceable

Ask yourself why you’re starting a small business to begin with. Is it to earn money? That’s completely fine. Is it only so that you turn a profit? That won’t get you too far, and even if it does, it won’t feel nearly as good as when you’re passionate about something.

One of the pillars of running a small business is being dedicated to helping people with a product/service and get paid good money for it. As a rule of thumb, if you don’t enjoy something, it might not be the perfect fit for you. Money comes from the outside, passion always comes from within!

Don’t be a sucker or a slacker

There are two polar opposites in the world of small business that are equally bad: the talker and the martyr. The talker has excellent communication skills: they inspire people with their words, grab their attention and are fantastic when it comes to putting their name out there.
On the other hand, the martyr is a hard worker: they sit down, crunch numbers, do whatever it takes and get the job done.

Naturally, both have their downsides. The talker is all talk, but no action, and although they will definitely get their name out there, they’re going to end up being famous for being a charlatan.
The martyr will come up with the perfect product/service that’s going to excel at everything but, well, being heard of. This is equally as bad as being all talk and no action: what use is the perfect product if nobody knows about it?

By now you’ve surely guessed it; the perfect entrepreneurial balance is walking the fine line between a sucker and a slacker – wearing the shoes of a hustler. Make no mistake, hustlers genuinely care when it comes to helping other people.

Always have a plan for obtaining the financing

Having a financial plan is the crucial step for anybody starting a business. As a startup that is still waiting to kick off, for now you need to come up with multiple potential sources of financing. Business incubators are always a good option, but only if you don’t have another way of obtaining money for your idea. Finding the perfect investor is definitely the best way to get the funds, but you can’t really control whether you know these individuals – you either do or you don’t.
The safest way to go is obtaining trusted small business financing – the application process is fast and easy and you can get your business credit score immediately, for free!

Always respect the customer

…and not as an act: really, really learn how to respect the customer. Learn how to be grateful to them, too; after all, they are the ones that put money in your pockets. Being polite and friendly towards them, however, doesn’t mean being respectful of them, although this does play a key role. In addition to treating them as any professional would do, you need to cater to their needs before they have the time to complain. Do this by using the big data: be present on social media, post frequently and ask questions about their preferences, requirements and advice, so that you make more room for improvement. Your customers’ feedback will help you come up with the best possible product.

Business management starts before the startup’s inception, and lasts as long as your business does. Being passionate about your business is the road that will lead you directly to success, but without knowing how to hustle, you’re going to encounter failure. Finding the most appropriate means of financing and always taking care of your customers are the pillars of making the most out of your business in the very beginning.





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