How to gain more twitter followers for your business


There are various ways that you can gain more twitter followers for your business and increase you engagement for your brand and business. The following article provides some tips for small business owners to increase their twitter followers.

Gain more twitter followers for your business

Search for people and companies in your industry

Simply search for keywords in Twitter such as business start-ups or search terms related to your business. This will bring up various brands that you can follow. Also check out who they are following and engage. Following these companies and brands will help you review what content they are sharing so you can form your own strategy. This will also lead to connections and new twitter followers.

Make lots of tweets

To gain more twitter followers for your business, tweeting regular can also help attract more followers. Just keep regular tweets around related topics that will be of interest to your audience. You should come up with a content strategy that for the type of information you wish to tweet and share with your audience. Research has shown that those who tweet regularly gain more followers.

Drive conversations by providing useful information

Make sure that you share information that is useful and engaging for you audience. By reviewing what content the organisations you are following share, you will be able to tweet information that will interest your audience. To attract followers, you will want to share content that engages your audience. If you look at some of the most successful sites such as Mashable, though they provide content on topic such as social, tech and business, they also provide interesting content on various other topics that engage in various ways such as humour, debate and politics.

Use Images

Visual content has always been a great way to engage your audience. Visual content drives social media is much more sharable which will help increase your followers. Images used in the right way had can increase engagement dramatically. Great images can also help add personality to your feed and make your posts really stand out.

Use Hashtags sparingly

Using too many hashtags can make your tweets hard to read. Using just 2 or 3 hashtags in the right way can help increase your engagement and connect with more potential followers. Make sure that your hashtags make sense. Do a search on Twitter and discover what hashtags are being using in similar posts to yours. Hashtags are used to become part of a conversation and to attract followers so make sure you use a hashtag that will be found.


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