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Healthy Work Environment – Happy Employees


It’s not a big secret that happy employees will be more productive and loyal. Actually, that’s like Management 101 for every CEO to uphold. This doesn’t mean you have to give them the moon and stars, rather just provide some insightful and basic necessities for them to perform their tasks and activities in a civilized and motivated way. Not only will you create healthy working conditions, but the satisfaction and engagement of your employees will increase the profit and reputation of your company.

Have a look at these suggestions on how to create a healthy work environment, maybe there’s something you can add to your everyday business environment.

Healthy Work Environment

1.    Recognize their devotion and diligence

When appropriate, don’t forget to say “Job well done”. Your employees like to know they are contributing to the company and that you value their efforts and expertise. Create a reward system which would be sort of a motivational resource for your employees, but try not to go overboard because you don’t want to create a backstabbing atmosphere among your staff. When it comes to the penalty system, don’t be too harsh in order to avoid bitterness and anger among your employees, but rather talk to the person and explain what they did wrong and how to correct it.

Unfortunately, human nature is such that you can’t please everyone and if an employee doesn’t show improvement after you’ve pointed out their erroneous actions, maybe they’re not good for the job and you should part ways amicably.

2.    Create a positive environment

You can start from small things like giving small symbolic presents for employees’ birthdays and making sure they have the basic necessities, such as a coffee machine, refrigerator with beverages and an area where they can go on their breaks and have lunch. Also, if possible consider creating a space where your employees can come to relax and hang out away from their workstations. For example, in Japan they’ve introduced barefoot walking on the grass in companies, which is known and recommended stress relief and a health booster. In Google, they have a game room where employees can come and relax over a ping-pong match or a game of pool.

Also, you can organize team building activities like paintball or going on a trip together. Casual Friday is well-known practice in some firms, and you can also incorporate some other theme days like Crazy Hair Day or Crazy Socks Day, maybe even Pyjamas Day, depending on the type of business and activities your company does.

3.    Warm up their surroundings

Sitting eight hours a day surrounded by dull and lifeless walls, colourless floors with the sun going in your eyes or no windows at all can have quite a psychological impact on a person. Not only will they be unhappy, but also less productive, miserable and disconnected from the company’s ideals and goals. It doesn’t take much to provide a joyful environment for work even if the job your employees are performing is not that inspirational. Most of the changes you can do yourself, like look for custom blinds online to dim the sunlight or choose the wall paint to freshen up the space.

You can also decide on more comfortable and fun uniforms and footwear, allow your employees to contribute and bring something motivational to them, or just hire a professional to do all the decorating for you, as well as a designer to create the appropriate material to help your employees feel wanted, welcome and appreciated.

Healthy Work Environment

4.    Show them you care

Your employees are not machines and they not only have feelings but will from time to time show them. Although today’s business world cringes at anything even remotely connected to feelings, seeing that as a weakness, that is not necessarily the correct approach. Of course constant emotional outbursts are not professional, but when they are warranted, show compassion and understanding. Depending on the circumstances, offer your employees some time off or help. Show them you value them not only as your workers but also as human beings.

Another way to show you appreciate your employees is by taking care of their health. Besides safety at work which is required by law to be the very highest, schedule regular medical exams at your cost and promote a healthy lifestyle. You can also negotiate discounts at stores, restaurants, shops, health clinics or any other place which you think might be of interest to your employees.

In the end

In the corporate world of busy schedules and short deadlines it isn’t that hard to forget that your employees are humans and not robots. They are just like you, working to earn the means to live their life as best as possible. If they do their jobs to the best of their abilities, your business will become the best it can be and the profits will go sky high. So in order to have a successful business you should be the best boss there is, and in the end it will be a win-win situation for everyone.


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