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Finding the Best Foreclosure Deals for Investment Property Financing


Properties seized by the banks or lenders are called foreclosure homes or foreclosure houses and is the ideal option for investment property financing. This happens in case of non-payments of mortgages and loans. Here, the bank sells the collateral or seized property through foreclosure. These homes get sold faster, as they are lower in costs as compared to the regular homes. One can get a discount on buying foreclosure homes, and here is what you need to do right.

Check FHA Approval

In different countries, there are various governing bodies like those that of Federal Housing Administration (FHA) in a Unites States. These government bodies act under National Housing Act as per the State law. The aim of the organization is to provide appropriate housing loan through the insurance of mortgage loan. Federal Housing Administration gives FHA loan to lower income people who cannot afford to buy house on their own money. They borrow money from FHA at pre determined FHA loan rates. This system began during Great Depression of the 1930’s when the rate of default raised sharply. The government subsidizes some of the FHA loans and programs. This program is most suitable for lower and middle-income people looking for investment property financing.

FHA mortgage refinance program allow for the refinance or purchase of home at a low down payment scheme. These loans are best for the first time homebuyer. There are many types of FHA loan rates- fixed rate, adjustable rate, etc. Fixed FHA loan rate is that loan on which the rate of interest remains constant. In adjustable FHA loan rates, the rate of interest changes according to the inflation level in the economy. It keeps on changing from time to time.

Getting the Right Agent

Investment Property

  • One of the easiest and recommended methods of getting discounts for foreclosures is to find an agent. Look for realtors or an agent who specializes in dealing with foreclosures and has knowledge of investment property financing. The task of the agent would be locating properties and setting them up as per the market value. It is certainly a lucrative option to approach agents and find out difference asking price of the lenders.


  • Visiting the site and calculating the approximation repair costs- Figuring out or evaluating the repair costs involved in the foreclosure properties is important. This helps you to calculate a generous estimate that will comprise of all expenditures along with probable additional discounts.


  • Making payments in cash- Cash payments ensure that you get some of the best discounts for foreclosure deals. Any conventional financing option should be ruled out if you have non-payments and defaults.

There are certain other facts you should keep in mind when you check out investment property financing properties. Understand the rules governing foreclosures before investing in foreclosure homes or foreclosure houses. Remember these can vary from state to state. While the transaction goes through the court system, it is mandatory to pay taxes and other related charges. Check out the insurance coverage options for the same and remember that it is not possible to get title insurance till you get charge of your ownership of the home or property.

Consider the pre-foreclosure deals for investing property in pre-foreclosure via directly contacting. You can consider the REO or bank owned permits where it is possible for the lender to take ownership of the property. They can re-sell the property at auctions or pre-foreclosures to convalesce the unpaid loan amount. Hence, these are critical factors to keep in mind when looking for investment property financing. Doing so will help you in getting lucrative deals and avoid risks of not repaying too.


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