Everything to Know Before You Throw the World’s Best Startup Party


New startups are sprouting all around us. Neo-liberal capitalism has laid down fertile grounds for striving entrepreneurs to create unique companies with indie spirit and personal touch. Some of these companies will grow to become international giants and major players on the global economic scene.

Once the decades pass by and CEOs look back on the first days of the company, they’ll probably remember the wild startup party that has marked the beginning of this incredible journey. In order to have this memory to cherish, read on for everything you need to know before you throw the world’s best startup party.

Make sure you have a budget

If you are among many startups that spring up every year, the chances are you don’t have the money for a high-profile party. First of all, you have to give yourself the time needed to plan the party both logistically and financially. Two months before the set date is usually a safe starting point.

Most startups have a group of people at its helm. You can all band together and find a way to secure everything you need to have a kick-ass party. Each member of the startup can be in charge of a particular element – food, drinks, location – and make the best out of it. There is always a way to get a lot of what you need for free. The location is a good starting point.

You can get the drinks directly from the manufacturer for a significantly smaller amount of money. There’s also an option to solicit sponsors for the event. On the other hand, you can try to encourage your followers to buy your product and become evangelists.

Hire help

Let’s start off with the advice that’s skipped too often. If your finances allow it, hire people that are crucial to manage the party properly and create order in the places that matter – bartender is important and so are the waiters.

People that run the door are probably a bit excessive and a step too far. Apart from the staff that tends to the needs of invitees, make sure to hire a quality photographer that will commemorate this joyous occasion. You can even hire an event planner or an event planning agency that comes with its own set of staff.

Make sure there is enough food

As far as food is concerned, you can hire a catering agency that will offer various menu combinations that are suited for your pocket. The best dishes in this case are served cold – plentiful choices of nibbles that can last throughout the night and keep the guests happy.

After all, these guests are meant to be employees that will gladly build a future with you. They should not go home hungry after the “ignition” party. Of course, you should be mindful of the dietary needs of the guests. Some of them are vegetarian and vegan, some have gluten intolerance and other food-related allergies. Make sure the food at the party’s tables is diverse across the board.

Choose the right location

Now here’s a big one. The first thing that comes to mind when you organize a startup party is how to combine a cheap or possibly free party location. Some of the venues are too expensive and it’s easy to feel like an elephant in the ceramic shop while you are in them. If you have a house with a big backyard, maybe that’s the best solution you can come up with, however, the factor of irritable neighbors still lingers.

One of more popular ideas is to rent a cheap weekend house or a ranch just outside of town. It’s important to look for a location on the outskirts of big urban areas, so you won’t ruin anyone’s good night’s sleep and your employees can go wild.

At the end of the day, maybe you can party up at your company’s headquarters? If the place doesn’t exactly match what you had envisioned, there are some things you can do to set it up just right. For example, you can string up highly functional commercial shade sails that can serve as an aesthetically pleasing cover for anything that’s half-finished or downright ugly. Buying a bunch of balloons and tying them around the room will also put everyone in the festive mood.

Everyone should let loose and have fun

With a few drinks in them, your employees might start behaving a bit irresponsibly. This is why, among other things, the location is important. If something topples over and breaks, it’s crucial to have it happen in a place where a collateral damage doesn’t mean a lot. This means everyone will be much more relaxed. If there are not enough designated drivers, it would be good to have taxi service one call away for all of those who are not in a condition to drive.

All of these factors are meant to make your employees feel cheery and carefree at least for a night. Both you and everyone attending will have a life-long journey ahead of you that will be filled with working hard, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t party hard every now and then. However, there is only one startup party, so make it be the best one you can possibly organize.



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