Crucial Marketing Trends for a Small Business in 2017


Running a small business usually means you will have to fulfill a lot of roles. As an eager entrepreneur, it is your job to nurse the young business like a child and teach it how to walk on its own. Until this point finally comes, you have to stay flexible and tend to all the needs of your small company. One of the most important daily meals your business needs to grow properly is marketing. By following all the latest trends and covering every possible aspect of this hectic and ever changing landscape, you can create a marketing environment for your company that can make or break it. If you are interested where to start with this and blaze a solid trail for your project, here are crucial marketing trends for small businesses in 2017.

What are the basics?

It takes money to make money, but in today’s world of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you do not need to spend too much to get the word out there about your small business. First of all, social media is free and you can build a following and reputation fast with the help from your friends. You can find a lot of search engine optimization (SEO) courses online for free as well as reading material that can instruct you further into this discipline. Additionally, you can create a blog and start updating it every day. This is a neat way to communicate your mission, vision and goals to your readers/customers in an intimate and clear way. Finally, even though there is a general consensus that email marketing is dead, it is still an effective way to grab the attention of your target demographic.

Marketing Trends

Time is money

The most important thing to remember as a developing owner of a small business can be boiled down to – time is money. Based on the type of business you are conducting, you need to establish how much each of your hours is worth and start dividing your attention between different marketing faucets. In other words, spend your time wisely on the above-mentioned platforms. Dedicate an hour to updating your social networks, tweak your WordPress or Squarespace website and try to learn more through experience.

Also, use the advantage of the digital era and schedule your email newsletters as well as social media posts in order to save time. Even though you are doing most of this alone, ask your close friends to share posts on their own profile – it can have the desired ripple effect. If you can’t bear the burden of all this activity, you can hire a virtual assistant, though you should keep this option as the last resort. Remember, there are various ways to think of an effective marketing strategy and it does not have to be strictly digital. This brings us to the next trend.

Promotional material

Promotional material is the currency of marketing. However, many young entrepreneurs think they are above it, which is a fatal mistake. There is no better or concrete way to promote your brand and raise awareness about its physical presence than promotional material. Stickers are the most popular and financially feasible thing to share. However, the promotional material with your brand name and logo printed on it can range from pens and notebooks to t-shirts and coffee mugs. Some people can get really inventive about this and utilize promotional usb drives, keychain pendants, and even plant pots.

We live in a world where “presence” means everything. Obsessed with the public image and brisk online marketing, this environment has never been so competitive. However, you also have the tools necessary to create a brand on your own terms and send the word out in numerous ways. As far as flexibility and accessibility go, we are living in an unprecedented time in which a single man can handle many aspects of marketing.



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