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7 Tips for Setting up An Efficient Home Office


With the rising number of people working from home, home offices stopped being just a corner in the living room or a tight space with a desk and a chair in the basement. A lot of people will work from home at some point in their lives, and some of them will make it their primary source of income.

This is why the home office should be a lot more than just a couple of necessities – a space where you have everything you need to do your job properly and to make yourself feel comfortable and motivated. Here’s how to achieve these goals:

1. Find Appropriate Space

If you are going to work from home from time to time, a really large closet will do the trick. Although it sounds weird, just remove the clothes pole and you will have additional space to do some work at home. But if you spend most of your time at the computer, it is better to find a dedicated room for that. Think about which room is not so frequently used, like the dining room or the guest room. You will be able to make any changes necessary and to put in as many items as you need.

2. Decide on the Necessities in the Work Area

When you choose the right room, make sure you have lightning and temperature control in it. You will also need a separate telephone line or at least portable phone. You are going to move in your chair a lot, so forget about a carpet – hard surface is all you need. If you are lucky enough to have a window, install window coverings to be able to control the amount of light that gets into the room.

3. Pay Attention to the Desk

Your desk is the most important piece of furniture – this is where the most work is done. You need to make sure it’s the right height for you and that it is big enough for items you want to keep on it. If your working space is really small, you’ll need to draw a floor plan on a piece of the graph a paper, so that you can correctly determine the best position for the desk. Shelving is a good alternative for your books and paper if you’re in a tight space – they will be within your reach if you install it behind your back.

4. Invest in a Good Chair

You’re definitely going to spend most of your time sitting at your desk, so your back will be under a lot of pressure every day. You need to make it comfortable for your back as much as possible. An ergonomic chair is the best choice – choose the proper height and form that provides good support for the back. This is a long-term investment so don’t feel sorry about the money spent.

5. Install Air Conditioning

This may seem like a ridiculous thing to be warning you about, but you would be surprised by how many people forget about putting air conditioning into their home office and deprive themselves of fresh air. Any Climacool employee will warn you about a bad impact of stagnant air in closed spaces on people’s productivity and concentration. There’s always enough room for air conditioning, so don’t drag out the purchase.

6. Proper Lighting

There is a big difference in types of lighting. It isn’t just about having a light fixture on the ceiling – you need to have a source of light on your desk so that your reading area and the computer desktop are clear. Also, another source of lighting behind your back would be good because it prevents the reflection off the monitor. If you need to squint while looking at the monitor, it probably means you need more light or you are too far from the computer.

7. Don’t Clutter Your Space

No matter what you think, you actually don’t need 4 pairs of scissors and 8 different pencils. Restrain yourself from piling up unnecessary paper and items that you get to use once in 6 months. Clutter in an office, or any other room, makes people feel out of focus. Have a clear and realistic reason why any of the items in the office should be there and throw out all the rest.

Final Words

Setting up a proper home office that will suit your every need will take some time. There will always be something that you’ll decide to change later on or some things you’ll want to add after some time passes. You should follow your own feeling because it’s your personal working space and the point is for you to feel completely relaxed – and at home!


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