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6 Tips for a Smoother Business Relocation


Everyone who’s ever moved from one home to another knows how difficult, straining and time-consuming these things are. Well, now it’s time for you to move your business, and, unfortunately, this will be a much bigger challenge. We hope that the following six business moving tips are going to help make this experience as smooth as possible for you.

Notify appropriate channels about your move

First of all, you need to notify a proper list of people and services about your move as promptly as possible. The list includes everyone from your clients and your vendors, to the IRS, the Employment Development Department, the Franchise Tax Board, your insurance carrier, your bank and even the Secretary of State. Do this as soon as the last workday in your current offices ends.

Nothing without a schedule

A business move is something that requires a ton of planning, and without a proper schedule, you will quickly get lost in your own tasks. First of all, set the final deadline – this is the date when you absolutely have to have already completely moved out of your current office space. Now that this is done, come up with an earlier date that’s at least one week away from the actual final deadline, and tell everyone that this is their final deadline. This way, you’re giving yourself a lot of wiggle room for potential delays, issues, etc. With both of these deadlines set, choose the move-out date.

Your employees can help

An awesome entrepreneur knows that every moment is a potential opportunity that can boost their business, and the move-out is no exception. You can turn the move into an actual team-building effort that will strengthen the relationships among your employees much more than a night out at the karaoke bar. It is important that you reward them for helping with the move – either by giving out bonuses, or by giving them slight raises. In any case, whatever reward type you opt for, you can rest assured that you’re making a valid investment.

You still need to hire a moving company

Naturally, you can’t expect your staff to take care of the entire move. Putting too much strain on them may result in serious consequences, such as injuries, and you don’t want to have to deal with these. Still, you can make selecting the moving company a team effort – make a list of around five moving companies and ask for a volunteer to help you choose. Keep the budget in mind, compare services, but don’t go too cheap – make sure you cover the research aspect of choosing a moving company thoroughly.

Professional packers aren’t a bad idea

Sure, this might seem like a waste of money; and it really is, if you don’t have a lot of expensive items in your office, but if you want to avoid potential damage, hiring professional packers is an investment that’s well worth the price. These experts offer a huge load off by guaranteeing the safety of your items, they spare you the physical trouble and save you a lot of time.

Be decent and leave your old place looking great

As a rule of thumb, the better you treat people in the world of business, the more they will respect you – think about this if morality isn’t reason enough for you to leave your old place looking as good as possible. Everything from professional property management to making sure that there is no debris and trash left is on you, as a professional. This is best done by hiring experts, like a business that does rubbish removal in Sydney. Find a company that specializes in everything from cleaning gardens to offices and personal properties – the more experienced they are, the better!

The actual move takes no more than a couple of days, maybe a week, tops. The time invested in planning, however, can take weeks and even months. The only thing you can do is make sure that you’ve covered everything outlined on this list.



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