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6 Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agency


Finding that perfect employee is hard. There’s no doubt about that. Interviewing candidates and reading hundreds of CVs carefully can be a painful task and sometimes it’s better to let someone else do that for you.

Most firms see recruitment agencies as their eyes and ears in the marketplace, and they tend to use their services to find employees who are really interested and motivated to do a good job. The thing is, recruitment agencies work with many people who simply want to work, and the chance of finding the right employee for your company is a lot higher when using one.

So, what are some main advantages of using a recruitment agency?

Knowledge of the market

The best recruiters know every little thing. They have their finger on the pulse of the market at all times. They know the amount of available talent, where and how to reach them, salary rates and even career expectations. Perfect recruiters will act like your friends and collaborators.


Sometimes your requirements might be incredibly specific. In fact, they can be so unique that finding the right person for the job will seem almost impossible for your HR department. That’s precisely the moment when you need an expert who thoroughly understands the candidates in your niche, and who has a large database of people. By using a recruitment agency in this instance, you’ll only get to interview those candidates who are fully equipped for doing the job.

The best people work with them

You might think that people dislike searching for jobs through agencies, but that’s not the case. Those who are experts and talents in their line of work love working with agents because they know they’ll get paid exactly what they deserve. They continuously seek third-party recruiters to represent them and to keep them aware of any opportunities at different companies.

Cost saving

When you’re running a business, you need to think about the costs. After all, you’re running your business for profit. By working with recruitment agencies, you’ll actually save money, even though that might sound weird now.

Short term cost savers:

  • Removed cost of posting job adverts
  • Removed cost of training an employee
  • Removed impact on your HR

Long term cost savers:

  • Reduced future hiring costs (if you use the same recruitment agency again)
  • Reduced training costs (some agencies will train potential employees for you)


The recruitment agency you will work with is probably not focused only on your city. There are companies that offer recruitment services in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane at the same time, and you can exploit that fact. Sometimes you won’t be able to find the perfect candidate in your city, in which case you can tell the recruitment agency to expand its search to other cities and find candidates that are willing to move.

Free marketing

The best recruitment agencies will present you with a plethora of potential employees, and not all of them will get the job in your company. However, they’ll learn a thing or two about it, and if they see that your company is well managed, they’ll probably hone their skills and apply again. They’ll also almost certainly talk with their friends and acquaintances about your business, and through the power of word-of-mouth marketing, more people will hear about you.

The key to finding the perfect agency and the ideal employee for you is by doing research. Find out everything that you can about recruitment agencies in your vicinity and see which one has the highest success rate. Never underestimate agencies, and use them as a valuable resource to reach any short-term or long-term goals.








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