5 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know


Starting and running a business is a daunting endeavour. You work long hours and have to deal with mounting pressure, competition, and customer demand. It is easy to get caught up in all that and lose sight of the big picture and the direction in which you are heading. But, you shouldn’t fret. Many entrepreneurs have been where you are now and they successfully navigated the maze. So, if you really mean business, here are some key things to keep in mind at all times.

There must be a real need for your product

Most product launches fail because there is no real need for them in the market. Business owners tend to overlook the importance of doing an extensive market research and making educated decisions. In other words, there must be a problem that your product/service solves. It is also preferable not to have other businesses competing for the same segment of the market. Another vital prerequisite for success is a unique value proposition, which acts as a real customer magnet.

Overnight success is a myth

Don’t fall for overnight success stories. More often than not, they are blown way out of proportion. Getting from rags to riches takes much longer than most of us would like it to. Even giants like Yahoo and Amazon needed three years to take off. As for the majority of all other businesses, they spend 10 years getting there. So, you have to play the long-term game and show perseverance. There are no quick fixes, magic formulas, and one-size-fits-all solutions. Each entrepreneur has a unique path.

It’s the numbers game

Money is the lifeline of any business and managing it is one of the most important activities to undertake. Here, back-of-the-envelope calculations do not cut it. Run the numbers and figure out exactly how much money you need in order to launch the business and fuel operations. Factor in everything from office supplies like Winc stationery to your lease agreement and heavy equipment. Try to keep your spending in check and make savings where possible. Anticipate and patch up holes in the cash flow. Running dry is not an option.

Not all customers are right for you

Customers are always right, but not every customer is right for you. People have varying tastes, preferences, and wants. From a business standpoint, they bring different lifecycle value to your organization. And sometimes, the efforts to win them over outweigh the benefits you are able to reap. The takeaway is to ditch the scattergun approach and properly target your marketing campaigns. Create buyer personas and make sure your messages resonate with them.

You can’t do it alone

No company is a one-man army. Attaining success is a team effort and trying to do everything yourself is only going to lead to stress and burnout. Therefore, it is a good idea to assemble a great team of passionate and motivated individuals. To make it happen, take your time developing a recruitment policy. Make sure the candidates are the right cultural fit and able to relate to your mission. Then, gauge their skills and experience and make your call.  Remember to outsource and delegate whenever you can.

Running a business is a series of trials and tribulations. But, there are ways to make your life easier and steer away from headaches, financial woes, and other hurdles on the road to success. To get the ball rolling, do your homework. You have to validate your ideas and ensure there is a product-market fit.  Furthermore, keep close tabs on your finances. Build strong work ethics and good everyday habits. Finally, surround yourself with the right people and make strides toward your goals.




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