5 Online Careers that you Start with No Money


The rise of the internet over the last 10 years has seen many people carve out profitable online careers without ever leaving their home. In fact there are countless opportunities now available online to make money. For those who already have skills, free lancing websites such as people per hour and fiver.com have provided great opportunities to offer your skills for money. This could be anything from copy writing, web design, designing logos to creating videos. Actually it is now possible to make money from almost any skill though there is much competition so the better you are the more successful you are likely to be.

Starting an online career has so many benefits such as low to no start-up costs to working from home. The following 8 online careers can be started with no money meaning you could be working from home in no time.

Top Online Careers


The rise of eBay has seen many normal people become successful online stores. Whether you are selling your own goods or buying online to resell, eBay provides a great opportunity to carve out a successful business online. The EBay store has provided so many great opportunities for sellers offering something unique. Even importing cheaper goods from abroad and then reselling them online.

SEO consultant

The steady rise of the internet as an essential shop widow for businesses has also lead to the need to market websites effectively online. Link building is an essential requirement and has seen guest blogging become an essential tool. If you are looking for online careers, it can be quite easy to set yourself up as consultant offering link building and general SEO services. Copywriting, social media marketing and link building are all general services that are in demand. This has seen the rise of many free-lance SEO consultants offering general marketing services. With a wealth of knowledge and guides now available online, it is even possible to teach yourself relatively quickly. Another great opportunity to make money online.

online careers

Virtual assistant

If you are a qualified secretary or PA, becoming a virtual assistant is now a great way to have an online career. With so many companies operating without a physical office location, there are no many opportunities available for virtual assistants to handle a range of tasks. This includes typing, customer service duties, screening emails and answering phones. There are various agencies online now offering virtual assistant opportunities.


Another online career that is booming due to the internet. If you are successful at creating you tube videos and gaining millions of visitors, then you could make millions of dollars a year in advertising revenue. You will need an interesting concept that will attract people to subscribe to your channel.

Affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing is another section under online careers that offers endless opportunities to have an online career. This involves promoting products online and then generating leads from any sales. Amazon is a great example of this via their associate programme. By placing their adverts on your blog or website, any buyers who purchase a product via the link on your website will then earn you commission. It does require some money to optimise your websites and to test across multiple paid channels.


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