4 Profitable Eco-Friendly Ideas


While everyone knows that the world is facing an imminent ecological crisis, to a lot of people this seems much less serious than it actually is. Sure, everyone has probably heard about potential solutions like recycling, renewable energy and organic agriculture, but are these three enough to save our planet?

Paper can only be recycled six times; after that, its fibers are just too weak to withstand another run. Renewable energy still isn’t utilized to the extent it should be, while organic agriculture yields 20 percent fewer crops than its conventional counterpart. In addition, it doesn’t reduce the carbon footprint of agriculture.

With these myths debunked, it is more than clear that it will take a lot more work to save our planet. In fact, it would take a lot of effort to make a move in the right direction, and everyone needs to do their part. Much of this burden falls on aspiring entrepreneurs. With them in mind, here are four profitable eco-friendly ideas that are bound to benefit both our planet and your ambitions.

Green app development


In 2017, it is really hard to imagine any industry more lucrative than app development. Living ‘green’ usually doesn’t require any form of exercise, but what it does require is awareness and at least a basic level of knowledge on the topic. These apps can be of a tremendous help in this field. By just developing an app that doesn’t require much work to run, you are already making a difference. Nonetheless, this isn’t the only direction you can take. Apps that raise awareness or inform people of local eco-friendly businesses can also make a huge difference.

Farmer’s market vendor


Earlier on, we mentioned that organic agriculture doesn’t necessarily reduce the carbon footprint, which is only partially true. Although growing these crops may not make a difference in this aspect, vending them locally is a completely different story. Without the need for long-distance transportation, the carbon emission caused by vehicles is significantly reduced, which makes a positive impact on the environment. Aside from this, giving the local economy this kind of boost can further change things for the better.

Opening a second-hand store

Another idea that is getting more and more popular in recent years is opening a second-hand store. While this may sound simple on paper, there are lots of logistical issues you would have to resolve. To begin with, you need to determine what kind of store you want to run and find a steady source of the goods. You also need to keep in mind that some of those goods won’t reach you in perfect condition, which means that it is absolutely vital to find someone capable of restoring them to a serviceable state.

Eco-friendly house cleaning

Take Sydney in Australia for example, a lot of the local resident’s dread hiring commercial cleaners due to their fear of the toxic chemicals they might use in the process. So by putting an emphasis on cleaning with home-made solutions (such as vinegar, baking soda, lime, and bleach) you can reach a whole new base of potential customers.

Still, don’t forget to remind them that cleaning their home with eco-friendly solutions won’t make it 100 percent toxin-free. You might want to refer them elsewhere if you notice some potentially toxic materials in their household, like neon lamps, fire-retardants in upholstery, or asbestos tiles, for which they would need specialized asbestos removal Sydney-based experts, in order not to make things worse with a DIY removal attempt. This will apply to other major cities across the country.

The list goes on and on, seeing as how even simple things such as bicycle repair or air duct cleaning can in some way be considered eco-friendly. All you have left to do here is find the field that fits your interests and meets your skills the best. As you have a myriad of industries to choose from, this shouldn’t be such a hard task.





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